About Us




Single app at a time, we're turning the workplace a great place.

We believe that business software should be able to meet a wide range of requirements without being overly difficult. Our goal is to deliver application that is simple to use, full-featured, closely intertwined, and easy to develop, and that runs perfectly with every market and client.

Serves both 

small and large businesses.

The objective is to deliver a comprehensive suite of business apps that may be used to support any market need.

Here at MyPlus, we have developed lots of main applications which are regularly upgraded.


What sets MyPlus apart from the competition?

A user experience that is both efficient and engaging, with the goal of ensuring user acceptance.

Even the most challenging businesses can benefit from agility and full integration. MyPlus' fluidity allows you to add applications in accordance with your future growth, one at a time, as your needs change and your client base expands.

MyPlus is regularly updated by a broad network of developers to fulfill increasing consumer needs and deliver new, advanced features.