One of the urgent needs of each company is a system which can show them a list of all the employees, active or inactive ones with all their information needed to be known for the company.

one of the most important features of our attendance management is the list of employees with all their personal information, address and contact information.
attendance management includes:


Each of the mentioned headings include some details related to itself, to be continued, we focus on the details each of these modules contains.


Personal information:

 In this part we have three main subcategories called:


Information subcategory is mainly related to name and family name, birth information, identity information, gender, and military and marital information.



here you can mention the address type (Company, office, or house), city, and the exact address of the employee.


Contact information:
all the communicative types such as Phone number, email, fax, postal code and website can be added here.


Employee information:

Base information and attached files are two parts existing in this category

Base information part contains:


Attached files:

Most of the times the information asserted by the employee needs to be attached to the resume of the people who are applying for a special section in your firm as we don’t have resume insisted system here, we need somewhere to show how the documents support what your employee mentions in their interview.

Attached files section is an unlimited capacity space in service of the documents you need to collect concerning each of your employees’ issues.


Attendance info:

Attendance details are a big source of information which couldn’t be categorized not using a system that can do it for you.

This big source of information contains:

All of which could be controlled verified or rejected by the manger of each department and used to help calculation process in your payroll system.


Work Times:

In addition to the possibility of watching and controlling all the employee’s work times there is a section called add work time within which you can add date, in time and out time that could be happened at that day or the next day by the possibility of adding multiple work times for the same day.

Leave Requests:

When your employees want to have a leave in their work days, they can request you a leave.

Leave requests could be defined by the types your human resource management specifies depended on the situation of your employees.

After choosing leave type you can specify leave date, time and write a description concerning the situation and the reason you are requesting a leave for.

If you intend to have a daily leave or a full time leave you can check the daily box not to be forced to specify the exact hours.


Assignment Requests:

Each business area has its own types of assignment which are exclusive to that business based on its location, strategy and responsibilities. the types of assignment could be defined by the business owner or human resource manager.

If an employee wants to ask for an assignment or you want to give them an assignment by writing the title and choosing the type of that you can write the start date and time and also end date and time supported by the description how it could be or have been done and save it.

The manager of each department can control all the assignments of their own department employees, and approve or reject what they have requested for.


Overtime Request:

The request types for overtime could be defined by the administration of your firm.

Each employee could ask for overtime choosing the type, date, beginning and ending time by the possibility of adding multiple time sections. Furthermore, describing the details of that overtime could be supported in explanation section.

The next phase is saving all these details which could be approved or denied by the departments manager.

Requesting an overtime could be applied by the employees themselves or their manager.